Cox Automotive’s Xtime data show how information on repair order volume and revenue have tracked since January 2019.

What it is: A monthly look at how franchised dealerships’ service departments are performing, measured by the number of repair orders and revenue received from those jobs.

Where it comes from: Cox Automotive’s Xtime brand, which provides software for dealership service departments and extracts the information on repair order volume and revenue.

How it’s used: Presented as an index, the metrics show how those areas have tracked since January 2019. A number greater than 100 means repair order volume and revenue in a given month increased compared with January 2019, while a number less than 100 means a decline. The charts can show how service departments’ business is doing over time.

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How it might be misused: An index can be interpreted incorrectly if the reader doesn’t have context with which to draw comparisons. A figure less than 100 could still represent a year-over-year or month-over-month increase for a particular metric, for instance, even if it’s below the benchmark month of January 2019.

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